And we are back here with all of you to bring you some more exciting and sexy knowledge.

This time in a day webinar, Luna V.Y.B.E.S created by Luna Corazon, your favorite Brazilian, in Europe, with the purpose of dive deeper, on the talents, knowledge, and aspects of how to create a better environment during a solo, or any other sexual encounters that you plan to have.

That is because sex is more than just a physical activity, but a full-body, mind, and spirit. When we get to learn, to align it, how to amplify, and most importantly how to use these energies, seeking to manifest in different areas of our lives, the bliss and the joy is unexplainable.

So go ahead and register here to guarantee your spot. It won’t be a replay available, and we are just making it available on Sunday, 28th of June 2020, to the first 35 (thirty) people that register.

This webinar is just a preview of what Cristhian will be teaching in the newly Holistic Platform. Where different, accessible opportunities made available to all of those, searching for growth, healing, unique experiences.