The Best for Last

So the Summit is over, but for those that still want an extra taste, I left the best for the last. An exclusive interview with the number one Sex Expert in Germany, Yella Cremer.

Please, do enjoy it!



Yella Cremer

Yella Cremer, is the founder of the LoveBase, now focuses on writing books in German (check out her G-Spot book for sex gods with Random House!), quick references of tantric massage, and recording online courses. She holds international talks and workshops on SlowSex with her husband Samuel.

Yella’s biggest present to men and women is her sex­positive space, that changes everybody who enters it. Her open, fresh, and direct approach send deep permission to every sexual being to be ok exactly as they are.

Connect with her on  Facebook or on her Website where she shares her new project and bits of wisdom, as well to book her to be a Speaker at your Company, School, or event.