Sexual Liberation Workshop

Featuring successful business owner, coach, and wife Winnie Fannon, join me at this freely and inspiring workshop Sexual Liberation Workshop.

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Sexual Healing Summit 2021

If you missed here is the replay of our Summit last year!

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Sexual Healing Summit 2020

The first-ever Online Sexual Healing Summit!


I managed to bring together a diversity of specialists on human sexuality, sex workers, holist therapists, social workers, and even a Sexologist into this beautiful meeting, and share their views on the reality of human sexuality, their challenges, and what can be done to cope with its difficulties.

We were in the mids of the pandemic when I was strike by the news of the rise in divorce numbers, domestic violence, and sexual abuse cases, inside of the families and hospitals.

It tormented me because even though I am a divorcee myself, I still believe in love, and that is possible to have a lasting, passionate relationship if we want to. As well as domestic violence survivors, it hurts to see that people instead of coming together in such an important time in the modern world, still letting anger get the best of us, most of the time because those attackers have untreated issues on their own.

About the sexual abuse cases, what to say? Is just sad, horrifying, and damage forever those victims.

So what to do?

Since we were on extreme lockdown, especially here in Europe, I decided to use my best skill – my communication skill, to bring some understanding, relief, peace, knowledge, and some hope.

The goal is not to be Insta famous or a profitable Youtuber but is to give as much we can to help, even if a little bit the world we live in.







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UPYO stands to Unlock the Power of your Orgasm!

Was our second online webinar, where Bruna, or as most people call her Luna, invited Sensual Massage Practioner Cristhian Garzon.

Cristhian born in Colombia, engineer, salesperson, erotic writer, and currently involved with tantric practices focusing on tantric massage. Bringing understanding and awareness to people about the power of sexual energy and how to use it to potentialize, amplify, and ease the orgasmic power on the people. As well as how to transmute this energy into other areas of life.

If you missed it, please leave your email so you can see the recorded webinar.

But why not leave it available to everyone? The goal is not to gain views or popularity, but to reach people that are originally interested in the subject of Spiritual Human Sexuality.

                              Fill the form below to receive your access link >>>>>







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Inner – Energy

Inner – Energy

 Online Retreat


New reality

While the more than half of the planet remain under lockdown restrictions due the Covid-19 novelty, we and a numbered of other revolutionaries, decided to keep our and others’ lives moving forward in a distinctive, unique way.

Gratefully we live in a modern, resourceful world, fulfilled with high technology. We all have to adapt, survive, and thrive during different types of challenges, right now is the same, but at different times.

V.Y.B.E.S is a new brand, where the main idea is to create a connective place to unite experienced and new practitioners, fans, and lovers of alternatives that him to expand human mindfulness, spirituality, health, and well-being.

Most of the collaborators of V.Y.B.E.S usually have live-in person classes, workshops, and courses. Still, with the actual circumstances, we see that more and more is necessary a better opportunity to keep expanding, and sharing this beautiful world that is the holistic way of living.


The Get Beyond “Inner- Sexuality Online Retreat” is part of our pre-event that will happen in 2021.A live workshop with several different practices aiming to elevate, learn, and transform our sexual energy, into a better self-acknowledgment, as the only way to achieve a better relationship with the outer world.

Three days of intensive learning theoretical and practical ways and tools to increase out the energetic field, transforming it into a powerful way to find balance, and achieve better sexual, mental, spiritual alignments inwards and outward.

What will you learn

  • End self- criticism, lack of confidence, self-love to increase your ability to make your life and of the life of others around you happier, peaceful.
  • Sexual Transmutation for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Find and create the relationship of your dreams.
  • Self- Sensual Massage
  • Partner to Partner Sensual Massage
  • Tantra Energitical Principals Exercises
  • How to control, manipulate and direct personal Sexual Energy
  • Orgasms as a healing tool

And much more.

The whole idea is to give the Live experience Online, maximum as we can. With a specific diet on the week before the retreat, yoga and different types of physical exercises each day before the classes to open up and raise what we learn each day, as well bring your “Dance- Shoes” because we will have some fun time in between the classes as well!


Be open to new forms of learning, different perspectives, respect each other’s point of view.

And 3h available each day to gain more and more each day.


We hope to see you there!


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