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Sexual Healing Summit 2023

Sexual Healing Summit 2023

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This year we took a turn to the best, and I am so excited about the event’s new format.

This year, instead of our normal panelist, we will have two days of fun, exciting exercises that will push us to transform how we view, sense, and experience sexuality.

And yes, we will wear our “birthday suit” to this event to celebrate who we are, the way we are, this way we become more open to experiencing life in a less shameful, constrained way than ever!

There is a limitation on the number of people we can host; I am giving almost 40% off for the first 20 people who register.

What is included:

  • 2 Days access to the Retreat on the 23rd & 24th of September
  • Interactive Speakers Panel
  • 4 Nude Yoga Sessions during the event
  • Orgasmic Manifestation Meditation
  • Full Access to Sexual Spirituality Challenge
  • Workbook to print/use online


Guarantee Your Spot Here





Is this event for me?

Well, this event is for everyone over 18 years old that understands that it is time t take power back and live life on their terms, with love and pride for whom they are.

The event will be online. Am I safe?

The event will be held on Zoom, with one host and one moderator only. No records will be allowed at any point during the event. Plus, everyone participating during the registration agrees with the term of confidentiality.

Any infringement is susceptible to legal actions without exception, so be confident and sure that we will only have those who are in alignment with who we are a positive great, safe community.

Is the event paid for?

Yes. The price for the first 20 people registering is 99 Euros, then 250 Euros for the ones coming later. No last-minute registrations will be allowed.

Do I have to keep my camera on?

Concerning everyone’s limitations and privacy, we invite everyone to keep their cameras on the whole time and to keep visible their shoulders and face at least. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the event without refunds.

Will it be recorded?

No, the event won’t be recorded at any given moment.

Do I have to be completely naked?

Each participant must at least wear a swimsuit at least, to participate during the whole event. Fully clothed participants will be removed without any refunds.


Guarantee Your Spot Here

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