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Bruna Rocha is a Brazilian-born Relationship & Intimacy Coach who dedicates her life to advocating for freedom of expression and sexual empowerment. Helping people to heal from past sexual traumas, abusive relationships, and fears of intimacy.

By mixing holistic approaches with yoga exercises and unique techniques, she brings people from fear, shame, regrets to a place of compassion, growth, hope, and actual actions into the lives that they truly deserve.

From single clients to couples from different walks of life, Bruna helping to strengthen and heal existent relationships that have been damaged for different reasons; to help single hopeless students to create a space within, where they can have the confidence to be themselves and go after what they want to live a fulfilled life on their own terms.




Cristhian Garzón is a Colombian based in Budapest. A natural dancer passionate about Latin rhythms, working as an informatics engineer, Cristhian decided to live a tantric life about two years ago deeply.

He’s an advocate of the Kaula tantra and has been improving his life constantly thanks to the power of the most creative energy we count in our lives, the sexual energy. He helps people liberate potential and amplify their sexual creative energy through tantric massage and how to use sexual transmutation to achieve and manifest great things in all other areas of life.






Author of Journey of Angels and The World Needs Your Art,Danielle Fournier, is a generational healer from the Pacific Northwest.

She helps people with their spiritual awakenings and finding their gifts through energy transformation- including building their businesses. She recently built an online business of 5 figures a month while releasing sexual assault trauma.








Diana is sacred sexuality & conscious relating coach based in the Netherlands. Her inquisitive mind always sought to know the deeper meaning behind things, which lead her to achieve a master’s degree in chemical engineering. However, she realized early on that the deeper meaning that she was seeking in life was not hiding in the science books but rather in the depths of her soul. She immersed herself in the teaching of Shakti tantra when she was 23 and has continued on this path ever since.

The depth of the healing she experienced during this journey lead her to her soul’s purpose of guiding people to go beyond their conditioning around sex and relationships and help them build lives filled with pleasure, bliss, intimacy, abundance, and connection. She deeply believes that these qualities are the true nature of human beings.

Diana embodies deep knowledge of women’s sexuality, relationship dynamics, non-violent communication, mindfulness, and somatic healing through her numerous educations. She helps women and couples shed the layers that prevent them from living their true essence and helps them achieve soul-deep intimacy in their relationships and their lives.



At age 10, Mariana’s curiosity for Cosmopolitan’s Red-Hot Reads led her to blaze a path
towards sexual freedom and enlightenment: studying all forms of sexual orientation and understanding her own!
Have learned the hard way that “sex sells and love hurts,”; Having to distance her
psyche from western teachings and actualizing that she was, in fact, born to be a
Sexpert. Several life events build a path that led her to become a Sexologist and hesitant, yet hopeful, future as a sex worker.
Relishing in her newfound sense of being, she studied the adult industry and the
psychology of sex. Sought to become a top earner and multifaceted provider.
Annually grossing six figures consistently, her ownership of her body, after constant
industry ridicule and personal misunderstandings, she decided she wanted to
change the perception of sex workers, working as a Sexpert & Sexologist, and help hundreds of people to find the same freedom and understand that she once sought on her own.


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