Month: August 2020

Sexual Healing Summit 2020

Sexual Healing Summit 2020

The first-ever Online Sexual Healing Summit!


I managed to bring together a diversity of specialists on human sexuality, sex workers, holist therapists, social workers, and even a Sexologist into this beautiful meeting and share their views on the reality of human sexuality, their challenges, and what can be done to cope with its difficulties.

We were in the mids of the pandemic when I saw the news of the rise in divorce numbers, domestic violence, and sexual abuse cases inside families and hospitals. It made me very worried and shocked.

It tormented me because even though I am a divorcee myself, I still believe in love and that we can have a lasting, passionate relationship if we want to.

As a domestic violence survivor myself, it hurts to see that we are not educated to deal with others, to spend full time with the ones we say that we love!

About the sexual abuse cases, what to say? It is just sad, horrifying, and damages those victims forever.

So what to do?

Since we were on extreme lockdown, especially here in Europe, I decided to use my best communication skill to bring some understanding, relief, peace, knowledge, and hope.

The goal is not to be Insta famous or a good Youtuber but to give as much we can to help, even a little bit, the world we live in.


Watch the replays below, like, comment, and Share!


Part II




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UPYO stands to Unlock the Power of your Orgasm!

Was our second online webinar, where Bruna, or as most people call her Luna, invited Sensual Massage Practioner Cristhian Garzon.

Cristhian born in Colombia, engineer, salesperson, erotic writer, and currently involved with tantric practices focusing on tantric massage. Bringing understanding and awareness to people about the power of sexual energy and how to use it to potentialize, amplify, and ease the orgasmic power on the people. As well as how to transmute this energy into other areas of life.

If you missed it, please leave your email so you can see the recorded webinar.

But why not leave it available to everyone? The goal is not to gain views or popularity, but to reach people that are originally interested in the subject of Spiritual Human Sexuality.

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