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Sexual Healing Summit

An idea born out of the blue during the panic days of Covid-19 in 2o2o is back with a whole house.

When quickly learning how to deal with fears, losses, and traumas as never before, the idea is to spread the word and remind our fellow humans that not everything is lost but that we are just passing into something new, into a phase of transformation.

The mission of this Summit is to share that it is all right to be worried and afraid. It is okay not to know where we are going or what is waiting for us and try to figure out possible solutions to what surrounds human mental and sexually healthy.

We must do our best not to commit the same mistakes again. We see it as an opportunity for growth and creating a newer, better life within ourselves and others.

The pandemic struck a high light in the family unit, as all forms of abuse have grown, the depression and other mental disorders due to our loneliness.

Problems and difficulties will always be part of our lives, but how we deal with them is more significant than anything else. Specifically, those problems mentioned above are often discussed in an academic or legal sphere but are hard to be brought into practice.

That is why I, Bruna, came up with the idea of the first-ever Sexual Healing Summit, a place not just to talk but to question, learn, and teach about our Sexuality and its influence on all aspects of human lives.

Everyone worries about Covid-19 and its economic effects, but it affects diverse higher aspects of society and individuals! It is not a coincidence that the rising number of spouses coming out about domestic violence cases and divorce cases has skyrocketed. It is all connected in one way or the other.

Little is argued about the rise of domestic violence, rape, and child abuse; parents are crying, not knowing how to entertain their children, or wishing to vanish because it is too much for them to be in a whole house.

What about Sexuality?

Well, it is because it is in all of us, regardless of our race, culture, or religious beliefs, that is all within us. And it is our more muscular energy – SEX Energy when used correctly, can make magic happen.

Nowadays, a significant number of people are using social media to share their tips and services on whole different topics such as music, food, lifestyle, and motherhood, but not about Sexual Energy and how it can influence your life ultimately.

I have chosen this topic to explore because besides my sexual life experience, for years, I have trained myself on how to use it to benefit all areas of my life without wasting it into just a mere few minutes of pleasure; I feel that if I can share it with the world, I can do my part on healing the planet.

Moreover, I am sure many like me are looking into it because sometimes, what works for everyone does not work for us.

Proudly, I made the Summit happen with the “little” help of my friends, and now we are moving forward, bringing you more accessible, practical tools so that you can regain control of your life once and for all!


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